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Test and Tag Information


Free Testing and Tagging

ADX Melbourne has engaged Jim's Test and Tag to provide a free testing and tagging service on Wednesday 2 October 2024 from 12.00pm to 6.00pm.
Robert from Jim's Test and Tag will be on site during this time.
If you would like to book a time direct on the Wednesday afternoon please call:

          Robert (Rob) Sztojka
          Jim’s Test and Tag 
          T : 0425 866 596
          E: robert.sztojka(at)

Guidelines for Electrical Testing and Tagging

All portable electrical equipment, appliances and leads used on MCEC site must be tested and tagged.

Any electrical equipment found to be untagged must be tested and tagged or removed from site immediately. New equipment need not be inspected or tested but must be tagged accordingly.

Utilise safety switches (RCDs) when using electrical tools and equipment.

You should never:

  • Use damaged electrical leads, tools or equipment

  • Install or remove any type of power cable while the power is turned on

  • Use electrical leads, tools and equipment in damp or wet conditions unless they are specially

  • designed for use in those conditions.

  • Place electrical leads in areas where they may be damaged (e.g. on vehicle access ways, over

  • sharp edges etc).

  • Overload electrical circuits

  • Use modified tools or equipment